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About us

We Are Discovery Cleaning

Discovery cleaning services is a Professional Cleaning services Company headquarter in Mumbai with view to serve the clients in satisfactory Manner. You can take advantage of our years of experience to ensure that the job get done in effective manner. At Discovery, We firmly believe in the value of relationships, and this applies to both our Clients and Staff.

Discovery Strive to exceed your expectations. Our experienced Management team provides successful quality assurance through careful worksite supervision and frequent inspection. We are fully insured and we also maintain on-going safety programs design to prevent accidents and protect your property.

Discovery use technology where it works and People where it matters. Through Innovation and technology, we are able to provide a high quality on-demand response to your unique cleaning services. We believe cleaning services could be provided in a Fantastic way.

Discovery carefully screen, interview and trail all the cleaning staff before they began any work, so our clients are sure that they are punctual, thorough and efficient. We take Client service and support seriously. We Provide Part time and hourly cleaning services in Mumbai.

Discovery are Pleased to Inform that we provide high qualityCleaning Service in Mumbai with view to give up Healthy & Hygienic cleaning services to Residences, Societies, Corporate Offices, Shops, Factories, Hotel, Malls, Godowns, Guest house etc. in Mumbai.

Discovery is highlyDedicated, Passionate &Committed to provide and maintain the highest grade of services. All our services are rendered according to standard procedure so that consistency, efficiency and capability to support business spread across multiple locations.

Discovery believes not only in Cleaning but also in restoring & maintaining the property to its original glory, much to the satisfaction of the clients. Our core principal is to provide the customer value for the money services with strict adherence to all statutory requirements.

Pride, Quality, Reliability, Commitment, Honesty, Professionalism …. These are the qualities that set as apart from other Cleaning services company.

Our Mission

To Retain Consistency in the provision of our highly quality cleaning services.

To maintain our breadth in range of Specialisms by retaining staff Knowledge & experience. Resource focus on Maintaining Cleaning standards with existing staff and company growth.

Maintaining our existing clients by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential clients through our quality services and price.

Investment in the training and development of staff, equipment and company growth to the benefit of all.

By constantly seeking out newer Contracts from all over India with whom we can work and to invest time and resources so that the contracts taken consistently work to our standards.

Our Vision

Through a Commitment to excellence and continual investment in our people we seek to become the leading brand name within the cleaning industry nationwide.

Our Values

We believe in maintaining the healthy relation with our Clients and respecting their core ideas of cleanliness. We are also responsible towards our staff betterment and we provide them the environment which is work friendly.